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June 22, 2023 4:41 pm

Your Sprinkler System Checklist

Irrigation provides several benefits for gardens and yards. For many homeowners, using an irrigation system is a time-saver compared to manually watering their plants as it is more efficient, effective, and convenient.

However, if irrigation systems haven’t been properly calibrated and regularly maintained, they can become a major problem costing homeowners more in the long run. Proper maintenance may seem tedious at times, but it will save cost and energy in the future.

These are four of the most common irrigation problems:

Clogged Sprinklers:
Dirt and tiny debris can get into sprinkler heads and cause a lot of trouble over time. Soon very little or no water will come out of your the sprinklers, which will lead to uneven watering and dried out plants.

Clogged sprinklers can be fixed easily, even without a plumber present. Identify which sprinkler has a clog, remove the nozzle, and rinse it and its filter thoroughly until water runs clean. However, if the problem persists homeowners should call a professional.

Obstructed Sprinklers:
In a complex irrigation system, it is easy to lose track of all the locations of the sprinklers. As plants or crops grow, they might end up obstructing the sprinklers. Therefore ensure garbage bins, plants, or other objects do not block the sprinkler streams. Plants grow in unexpected ways, and if homeowners don’t regularly check or maintain their irrigation system to remove infiltrating plants, they will start to cause functional failures within the irrigation lines.

Missing Nozzles:
Sprinkler nozzles come loose as time goes by and can come off from the sprinkler during yard work. When the nozzle is missing, large amounts of water will start to pour out of the sprinkler, flooding lawns and gardens, overwatering plants and wasting water.

Run Offs:
When water from an irrigation system starts to run off onto the driveway, it means the soil cannot absorb more water as it has reached its saturation point. There are several factors potentially contributing to such an occurrence:

  • Type of Soil

  • Compaction

  • Type of Sprinkler

    If the run-off happens regularly, homeowners should set their irrigation system to run for shorter periods of time on alternating days. It prevents over-watering the garden and wasting water.

Homeowners should always have their system inspected regularly by an irrigation specialist. Be sure to schedule an appointment at least once a year!

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